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Snack box S 0.9 l FUN

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Color : Transparent

Rotho lunch box with removable divider

Canteen food is boring? It is up to you what you fill the practical transport boxes with - the ideal solution for the lunch break and a quick snack on the go!

  • adjustable divider
  • practical click closure
  • dishwasher safe and food safe
  • Swiss brand quality

Advantages and possible uses

The muesli bar smells of salami, the lovingly prepared sandwich falls apart during transport? This is now over: With the help of the adjustable partition, you can divide the Rotho Vesperbox into two compartments of any size - this way you get two separate transport containers in just one box. You no longer need separate containers for taking or storing savory and sweet things - the snack box separates what doesn't belong together. Your offspring will also be happy if pieces of fruit and vegetables stay crisp and fresh, while muesli bars or bread rolls remain crispy. Depending on your appetite and how you feel on the day, you can fill the box with snacks of different sizes - the adjustable divider ensures that everything stays in its place. The snack box is also ideal for storing different types of sausage and cheese in the fridge.

product attributes

The can is the perfect size for your lunch or break snack. The removable partition wall can be used in different positions as required. The base and lid are held together by a flexible film hinge so that nothing gets lost. The practical click fastener ensures a secure hold and is easy to use, even for children. After use, the can can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The plastic used is food-safe, non-toxic and produced in an environmentally friendly way. It goes without saying that substances that are harmful to health, such as BPA, are not included.

Numer artykułu: 1111800096WS