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Box square 18 l BRISEN

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Color : Anthracite

18L Square Storage Basket BRISEN: Reorganize things

Surely you also know it when you are looking for something that is often not in the place where it is supposed to be. With the BRISEN square 18 l box from Rotho and the other storage boxes in this series, you can ensure order in your own home in the future. You decide whether you want to store documents, decorative items or the children's toys in it. Thanks to its square shape, the box fits perfectly in the shelving systems of various furniture chains. The design of the storage box is timeless, but it is still elegant. This means that the boxes can be used in different areas without any problems. The corners are rounded so that there is no risk of injury even for the little ones. The handles of the box without a lid ensure safe transport. With our boxes, order is much easier to manage.

Like all items from Rotho, these boxes are also free of harmful substances and BPA. The plastic is robust and therefore durable. It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. This Rotho article should not be missing in your household either.

Numer artykułu: 1024008853WS