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Dynamic Box 1.6L l FRESH

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Color : Lime green

Dynamic Container 1.6L | FRESH

Extend the freshness of your fruits and vegetables with the FRESH dynamic container. This spacious container offers the advantage of storing larger quantities of fresh produce, which is particularly crucial during summer. The innovative ventilation system and honeycomb structure create an optimal moisture environment. At the same time, the raised sieve basket ensures excellent air circulation. The fresh filter system actively absorbs ethylene, contributing to the longevity of your fresh items. Each container. comes with a fresh filter. Additional fresh filter refill packs of 4 are available separately in-store.

Unlock Savings with the Dynamic Container.

By keeping your fruits and vegetables fresh for an extended period, the dynamic container becomes an investment that pays off over time, saving you money by reducing food spoilage. As a Rotho product, the plastic used in the container is BPA-free and devoid of harmful substances. When cleaning, place the components in the dishwasher for hassle-free maintenance.

Numer artykułu: 1025605070WS