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Storage Box With Lid 11L l EVO SAFE KEEPING

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Color : Transparent / mistletoe green

Storage Box with Lid 11L l EVO SAFE

This box is ideal for storing items that aren't needed regularly, offering a perfect solution for tidying up spaces like children's rooms. With a capacity of 11- litres, this box provides ample storage space for toys, accessories, or small parts. The boxes can be stacked on top of each other to save space. The EVO SAFE box is designed for convenience and space optimisation. Stack them on top of each other to save space or nest them inside one another when not in use


The unique feature of this box is that the handles click into place, providing secure and comfortable handling. Made from food-safe and naturally harmless substances, the plastic used in this box ensures the safety of your stored items.

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Numer artykułu: 1007805092WS