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Square bowl 8 l DAILY

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Color : Blue horizon

Square container 8l DAILY

This container is characterized by exceptional quality, which is reflected in stability, ergonomics and comfort of use. It is made of high-quality plastic to withstand heavy use. The design is simple and modern. Suitable for home and yard, for various cleaning works, in the garden. It will work well when carrying shopping and other household items, or as an aid when doing dishes, washing hands, and more. This universal bowl fulfills its purpose in many areas and can be used universally. It has two recessed handles for easy carrying. Even when filled with a bowl, the washbasin can be carried easily and safely without bending down. Thanks to the engraved scale, you can accurately enter and read liter amounts.

  • Oval and rectangular shapes
  • Made of 100% post-consumer materials
  • 100% recyclable
  • Blue Angel certified
  • Comfortable handles and durable quality
  • Dimensions inside
Numer artykułu: 1782406161PCWS